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Hello, and thank you for following our blog. We are very new to blogging, but we are starting to have many people follow us. Certifications For Life Inc. is the premiere American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider located at Premier Business Center in the PNC Tower in East Brunswick, NJ. Our organization’s objective is to train professionals and community members life-saving techniques to save a life in the event of an emergency. We provide  the following hybrid (web based/ classroom session)courses to businesses of all sizes and individual customers:

  • Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED with standard first aid.
  • Babysitting with Pediatric CPR and standard first aid.
  • Basic life support for healthcare professionals and healthcare providers with standard first aid.
  • Shallow water lifeguard training.
  • Lifeguard Training.
  • Lifeguard Training with the Waterfront training.
  • Water safety instructor training.
  • Basic safety instructor training.
  • Instructor level training courses.
  • Aquatic management consultations.
  • Aquatic management training from supervisors to regional directors.
  • In-service trainings for lifeguards, CPR/first aid trainings, and emergency response practices.
  • Audits for lifeguards and their management staff.
  • A provisional training program for our newly certified instructors.
  • The NSPF Certified Pool Operators Course ( CPO) training.

The goal of this blog is to share our accomplishments with our followers.

The legal side of Using your CPR/AED skills

Check out the legal side of doing cpr and using an AED. Hopefully this will motivate more people to get training. Every second counts! #certificationsforlifeinc #toparcprovider #toparcinstructors #bestemergencytrainingschool #learningtosavealifetoday #cpraedfatraining #blscpraedfatraining #babysitterstraining #bestsmallbusinessNJ #redcross #savinglives #drowningprevention #savealife #cpr #lifeguard #lifeguardlife #lifeguardtraining


How to choose the right CPR/AED/First Aid training company

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have written a blog. Many times individual people and businesses are not aware that they need to have cpr/aed/first aid training to meet local and state guidelines. I am biased, and feel that it shouldn’t be a local or state requirement to get trained. My belief is that it should be mandatory to be cpr/aed/first aid trained. These courses teach you how to prevent emergencies, recognize when someone is having an emergency, and how to respond to an emergency. The life saving skills taught are proven to save lives. Constant exposure and practice to providing care will boost confidence. So how do I choose the right company?

1. Scheduling

The first step is to find an emergency training school that fits your schedule. Make sure that the company actually has an instructor ready to teach your teams. Many times training schools say they are available but than flock to social media looking to find someone. It is not always a good business practice as honesty and service fulfillment is a necessity.

2. Price

The cost of training depends on a few factors. These factors include the cost to advertise your class, the cost to process your certification, the cost of equipment, insurance, payment to instructors, travel fees, office lease, etc. The market shows CPR/AED/ First aid training prices ranging from $40-126 per person. Consumers are not aware that different curriculums charge more money for their certifications to be processed, and format of their participant manuals. Buyers be aware that cheaper classes do not always necessarily provide top notch training. Sometimes they cut corners to keep the cost down. Do your homework and talk to friends, colleagues, employers, and family members.

3. Online Reviews

Online reviews are a good thing to read, but take them with a grain of salt. It is very hard to get customers to fill out surveys. Customers want to write reviews when they want to share a concern or a negative experience they had with the organization. At the end, you need to do your own homework.

4. Are their instructors certified to teach the courses that are being advertised.

Talk to any AHA, red cross, or ASHI instructor, and they will tell you that they have to teach and re-certify every 2 years to maintain their abilities to teach the public. Some organizations require online updates in addition to in-person training to keep knowledge and skills up to date.

5. Is the emergency training school licensed and insured

AHA / ASHI instructors have to be aligned with a training center in order to teach classes. The training centers usually carry professional liability insurance, while some carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. It all depends in how the AHA/ASHI instructors are classified.

Red Cross instructors have to be on an AP ( Authorized Provider ) or an LTP ( Licensed Training Provider) agreement to teach classes. AP’s and LTP’s are the training centers. Red cross training centers should have professional liability insurance and may carry general liability or worker’s compensation insurance.

5. Service agreements ( contracts)

A good emergency training center should be able to provide their clients a service agreement that clearly specifies the exact services being agreed too. Good service agreements offer ways out of the agreement if the consumer and the business want to party ways. They also clearly state what “they” are responsible for in regards to your training and how they will work with your team to ensure high quality training.

6. Training schools should be active consultants by informing their clients of changes in certification requirements and life-saving skills.

Self explanatory.

7. Certifications should be processed with the appropriate curriculum taken.

For example, an American Red Cross certification should have the American Red Cross Logo, the name of the participant, the name of the instructor, a certification code, and a QR code.

8. Online certifications are for knowledge and education, but do NOT meet state requirements in most states

Customers must participate in either a full day in-person class with supervision from a trained instructor or a hybrid class ( blended learning ) where half of the class is completed online and the other portion is completed in person under the supervision of a trained instructor.

For more ways to determine an appropriate training school, contact me. I want to get to know you and your teams, your training needs, and any pressing questions you may have.


Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to everyone!

The 2019 Summer season is coming to an end. This summer was filled with many laughs, moments of excitement, frustrations for some, and maybe even some tears. All in all, I believe that it was a good summer.

I want to congratulate all of the local day camps, aquatic facilities, and commercial pool companies that I have had the pleasure of working with this past season. I want to commend each of your teams with the hard work you have done by keeping your staff on your toes as well as keeping your facilities safe!

I know that I am going to personally miss my team of lifeguards this summer. I learned a lot from them this past season. I want to thank all of my lifeguards that my team of instructors and I had the pleasure to train this past season. Every single one of these guards loves what they do. These guards make me love what I do by continuing to teach lifeguard training classes to the NXT generation of guards.

For some of these guards, this will be their very last summer on the stands as they have graduated college and they are ready to move onto the next chapter of their lives. Many of them will start a new full time career, while others get into a specialized graduate program to further their dreams and desires. I hope that being a lifeguard raised your confidence in your own abilities, created new friendships, or taught you skills that you would have never learned in a different summer job. Just know that you will always be a lifeguard at heart and will never forget #howtosavealife .

For those guards that will be returning to your facility for next summer, let the fun begin. We have much to learn, do, and prepare for to enjoy our summer. However, the teamwork and effort will continue to grow stronger.

So what’s next on the agenda during the off season?

What do you do during the year?

These are many of the questions I get every year.

#Bynatureandbyheart I am a teacher who works year round with kids. Being a teacher is what allowed me to do everything I am doing today. I would not change anything in the world. Besides teaching the #Littles ( credit goes to Anne Marie R. For this code name for elementary students in terms of endearment) , I will be continuing my graduate school education at Rutger’s GSE in special education to continue my abilities to be a better teacher. I also run my business year round. Cpr/AED/ First aid, babysitters training, and other classes will be running.

I am working on hiring additional instructors to train my clients in lifesaving techniques . Apply if interested.

I will be preparing for the winter and spring 2020 schedules to kick of the 2020 summer season.

Look for me at EB Day 2019 to get many of you interested in taking certification classes. Other projects that I will be working on outside of school hours include:

  1. Finding an updated text messaging service to manage customer leads and returning customers.
  2. Offering the in-person Lifeguard Management Course to help individuals and corporate clients meet the NJ bather code regulations.
  3. Training new instructors.
  4. Finding more clients and groups who want to be trained.
  5. Streamlining expenses and cutting unnecessary expenses.
  6. Consulting for aquatic facilities l.
  7. Lucky number 7 growing the business to reach new heights.

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Texas Teen gets sucked down the main drain

It is never safe to play any games that involve any dares in the pool. Does your staff know where the emergency pump button is? #certificationsforlifeinc #toparcprovider #toparcinstructors #bestemergencytrainingschool #learningtosavealifetoday #cpraedfatraining #blscpraedfatraining #babysitterstraining #bestsmallbusinessNJ #redcross #savinglives #drowningprevention #savealife #cpr #lifeguard #lifeguardlife #lifeguardtraining