3rd Annual Aquatic Conference

Over President’s Day Weekend, my organization hosted it’s third annual aquatics conference at Mercer County Community College. This has been a tradition for my organization, where we train community members and businesses in various Red Cross Aquatics courses. This year we offered three levels of training:

  1. Blended Learning Lifeguard Training R.2017
  2. Lifeguard Instructor Training R.2017
  3. Lifeguard Instructor/Instructor Training Review Course R.2017

It was an amazing weekend getting to work with various professionals, college students, and high school students to prepare them for the upcoming summer season. I want to congratulate everyone on their hard work and determination in completing their courses, even during a snowy weekend where the roads were slippery. These guys did not care, as they wanted to complete their training. I highly recommend taking your Red Cross training courses with us because we offer great instructor to participant ratios where individuals get individual training from our high quality trained instructors. Even more so, I highly recommend current and new lifeguard training instructors/ instructor trainers to take their review course with us. During our instructor/instructor trainer review course, you will have the opportunity to meet with our instructor trainers, go over important updates regarding course administration guidelines, preferred standardized teaching practices, practice and polish skills, and network with other instructors around the tristate area. The instructors at first were nervous and unsure of what to expect, but once the climate was set, everyone opened up and was willing to share ideas and strategies to teach our lifeguard training programs consistently and with integrity.

We have posted our spring lifeguard training course schedule, and we are currently working on administering another instructor level course for those interested in training new lifeguards. Customers have already begun to enroll for their classes so they can complete their online course work. The instructors will be going through an in-service training at the end of April to make sure that our May and June classes run smoothly. If you have questions about our aquatics training program, please do not hesitate to contact us.