Lifeguards and cell phones is not a game to play

Lifeguards and cell phones are no game. Here is what you can do to help keep your pool safe! I just posted a live video going over what you can do!

Lifeguard/community engagement lesson #2

Concern from community member: the lifeguard is on their cell phone and not even watching the pool. I am annoyed as I am paying dues for this service:

A: Your pool management company and property management company HEAR you loud and clear. You have every right to be upset as the safety of your pool and your service is being jeopardized. There are two things we recommend that you do.

1. You have every right to go up to the lifeguard and politely tell them that you would appreciate it, if they watched the pool. See if talking to them first corrects the action.

2. You can notify your property manager and pool company. Be factual, state the date, the time, and if you can the name of the guard on duty.

Disclaimer: while pictures and videos are helpful, and yes you are on public property, the guard might be under the age of 18. The lifeguard and their legal guardians have a right to file a report against you. How this ends depends on the facts in the event, state laws, and property rules. However, the pool companies that we have professional relationships with, or who are clients ALL have a zero tolerance policy for cell phone usage at the pool.

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