Podcast aspirations

Picture of where you can find my podcast!

For anyone who does not know me, before I decided to become a teacher, I really wanted to be a commentator for the World Wrestling Entertainment otherwise known as “WWE”. As a kid, I loved watching professional wrestling and immediately resonated with the superstars of the “Attitude Era” and continue to watch the show on a weekly basis. I have attended many live shows and paper views from No Mercy, to Monday Night Raw, to the Super Bowl of shows Wrestlemania 29 and my latest adventure Wrestlemania 35 where I was able to witness history. For 34 Wrestlemanias men have main evented the “Show of the Immortals”. Wrestlemania 35 was different where three women closed out the show . One of those women was Ronda Rousey. Anyway, I can go on and on about the WWE and the positive impact that it has had on my life from being a kid to an adult. I always wanted to share my artistic side in a different way. Last year, I had the idea of starting the show, but COVID-19 hit and my focus shifted towards the business. I had a lot of things to work on and get a hold of how to run “Certifications For Life”. It finally came to me that I could do this podcast show. I spoke to others and let them know that I wanted to do this. So now it is here. “The Justin Gala Show”.

Where can you find my show? My podcast can be found on Spotify, Google Podcast, RadioPublic, and many other platforms to come.

What is the link to my podcast show?Click here

Do you have any sponsors for your podcast show? Yes! I do have a sponsor. I hope to attract more sponsors and pay it forward. 

What topics will be discussed on the show and is the podcast show child friendly? My show will be child friendly. The topics that will be discussed will be the following:

  • Promoting other businesses and colleagues who I know are great people, work hard, and care about their customers. It never hurts to recommend businesses. I want to pay it forward. I asked these business owners to be part of my show.
  • “Education” in a way of sharing ideas, success stories, inspirations, good books, ideas, and hopefully a way to help children, families, and other educators.
  • The art of CPR/AED training, first aid training, good safety habits, and promoting the importance of being trained .
  • The field of aquatics from everyday lifeguard life, lifeguard training, risk management/ consultation ideas, pool operator stories, swim instruction, commercial pool industry, and how anyone can help keep a community or a residential pool safe. You will hear from instructors, managers, commercial pool business owners, etc about their experiences first hand.
  • Mental health awareness and strategies for stress management.
  • Professional wrestling discussions and UFC discussions.

*This podcast show will NOT discuss anything political in nature as this is a political free podcast . I believe that everyone has a right to their political opinion, but that these opinions are not meant for public ears as I do not want listeners to feel that the show is politically biased in anyway. All podcast guests have agreed to voluntarily participate in the show on their own will. Podcast guests are choosing to voluntarily meet on their own time to produce accurate content.

How often will there be episodes? As often as I can make episodes and as often as guests are willing to participate in the show.

I would like to be on the podcast show. How do I request to be on the show? Send an email to jgala@certsforlife.net .