Why Certifications For Life Inc?

What we do best!

Running a training school has a purpose. Our goal is to help our local communities be prepared for life threatening emergencies and feeling confident in using the lifesaving techniques that we teach in our classes. It might sound “cliche“. However, it’s why we do what we do. We feel that we have a mission to help. The other gratification that we have is the fact that our services are needed. So why choose us? We will tell you why.

Award Winning- Certifications For Life Inc., has been breaking down barriers since we have opened the doors. Our community has a need for training and we are honored to serve those who need training. Since the American Red Cross has awarded their Licensed Training Providers in 2017, we have been a top provider. In 2020, we moved from being a top training provider in the tristate area to now in the top 200 training schools across the US. Thus, making us a Top National Training Provider. We look forward to achieving more success in years to come.

Our Instructors and Instructor Trainers-All of our Instructors and Instructor trainers are certified and licensed to teach the classes that we run. Our team is diverse culturally and professionally. Our team ranges from nurses to EMT’s, to business leaders, to teachers, to even full time Aquatic leaders that bring a lifetime of experience to meet the learning needs of our students who come through our doors. We have a unique interview process to find team members that share our vision and passion for serving the community. Moreover, the trainers attend continuous ongoing professional development to enhance their instructional methods inside the classroom.

Our Training Equipment- Certifications For Life Inc., has invested in training equipment to provide our students as realistic experiences as possible. This past spring we purchased our very first feedback manhkin set. Customers can now receive feedback from their manhkin in addition to their instructor to let them know whether they can perform compressions at the right rate and depth. We have AED trainers that mimic the prompting that one would hear when using an actual AED on a victim. In our health care professional classes, Bag -Valve masks are included in training in addition to gloves, breathing barriers, and first aid training equipment. In our lifeguard training classes, participants use all of these materials including our spinal board, rescue tubes, and other necessary training equipment. Every participant receives a breathing barrier as part of their class tuition payment.

Communication- Our communication with our customers is endless. As soon as you register for your training class, you will receive a confirmation email, to text message reminders before your class. We also communicate with our customers after their class to ensure that each customer has a positive experience. We are NOT perfect and make mistakes. We like to resolve concerns quickly and efficiently. We have never not returned an email, text message, or call any longer than 48 hours. As of this past year, we implemented a text message reminder to help remind our customers when their certification will expire. We start off with a 90 day reminder and continue to reach out to our customers even when they expire as we know life happens. For customers who do not want to be on these text message lists, we respect their wishes and communicate with them using other means that they provide consent too.

Customer Focused- The class is about our participants. We focus on instructional methods that will help our participants feel successful in their training. Questions and feedback are welcome. Relationships between the student and instructors are created naturally.

Certifications- Certifications are quickly processed as the technology to process these documents allows for a seamless process. Most of our classes result in a 2 year certification. The exception is our CPO class which is a 5 year certification. Certifications directly come from the American Red Cross. They are emailed directly to the participant so they can download and save a copy to their desktop for future use.

Customizable Classes- We provide variety of options for any individual to business. From our popular blended learning format to full in-person classes, training fits your schedule as you need it too.

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