Dealing with unhappy customers

I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect and make mistakes everyday. As a business owner, I have made mistakes where training supplies did not come in on time, or that my staff made mistakes. There are even times where my team does the very best they can, and we just do not satisfy the customer. So what do I do when I realize that I make a mistake or get feedback from a customer that is not positive.

  1. No questions I get upset as my intentions are never to upset a customer. I take a breath.
  2. I research the complaint and get as much information as I can about the concern.
  3. I reach out to the customer by email or by phone to thank the customer for sharing their concerns.
  4. If it is a mistake that my team or I make, I always respond honestly and try to see what I can do to resolve the issue. Yes! Refunds are given sometimes.
  5. I try to learn from the mistake and do better.
  6. Train train train so mistakes don’t repeat.

Dealing with customers who are difficult or entitled.

  1. Identify the concern and apologize ONLY if the business makes a mistake. If no mistake was made, than I calmly explain where the misconception is. Communication is key!
  2. Repeat what you can do for the customer.
  3. Refer to the terms and conditions that the customer signed and read on the website and registration page that is available 24/7.
  4. If the customer gets fresh. I calmly let them know this and politely ask them to call back or meet when they are calmer.
  5. Follow up in writing.
  6. Use their concern as a learning tool.

Negative feedback and reviews allow businesses to make improvements.

Things never to say or do to a customer who is difficult

  1. Lie or be dishonest
  2. Use profanity.
  3. Respond with sarcasm
  4. Share personal information in social media responses.
  5. Ignore the concern. Ignoring means that the business is guilty. If you need time to gather information than state it.
  6. Reflect and move on!