When a lifeguard blows 3 whistles it means?

When Lifeguards Blow 3 whistles it means?
Lifeguards go through 12.5-32.5 hours of intensive training that focuses on proper pool surveillance, preventing emergencies, and responding to emergencies. We highly recommend that facilities have a minimum of 2 guards, but understand that a majority of pools are single guard facilities. Under no circumstances should patrons be performing any type of rescue care unless you are trained to do so and have the proper licenses/certifications to provide such care, as we want to make sure that we are not putting lives in jeopardy. If you hear 3 whistles, a patron needs help either in the water or on the deck around and near the pool.
What can you do to help if the lifeguards need assistance, or they are by themselves?
1. Help the lifeguards lift a victim out of the pool through the direction of the trained lifeguard. ( NOT assisting with the in-water rescue)
2. Patrons can Call 911 or your local emergency number to report the emergency and get more advanced care.
3. Patrons can help manage the Crowd and direct emergency personnel to the location of the emergency.
4. Getting supplies ( meaning gathering, not opening or managing the equipment) such as the backboard, AED, first aid kits, and notifying other staff that might be present and the parents if it is their child in the emergency. We highly recommend that at multiple guard facilities, the trained team responds and patrons can assist with calling emergency care.
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