Teaching your teen how to communicate with their supervisor

Memorial Day Weekend is underway. Your teen’s supervisor is now contacting your teen through text and phone calls about the schedule. Please sit down with your teen and teach them the importance of staying on top of their extra curricular activities, medical appointments, school activities, vacations, and their obligations to their job. Here are some tips to help teach your teen responsibility.

  1. Look at your month a head. If you have any important commitments such as those items listed above, make sure your teen communicates the dates in advance. Not the day before a shift.
  2. Look at the job policies regarding requesting off. Make sure you show your teen how to adhere to these policies.
  3. Follow up with dates needed off by email. Supervisors are human too and make mistakes. If you have a paper trail that’s great.
  4. If there is a mistake, try to teach your teen to do the communication. NO OFFENSE, your teen’s supervisor doesn’t want to hear from you. They want to work with your teen.
  5. If your child is sick, get a doctor’s note if you can, and if it warrants a note.
  6. If your child is not physically fit to do the job, inform the supervisor. We understand that medical emergencies happen.
  7. If an incident occurred at work, teach your teen how to communicate their concern with their supervisor. Every supervisor wants to make sure that your teens feel safe, supported, and valued.
  8. If your child is running late, teach them to communicate their tardiness. No calls or a message is not acceptable.
  9. It’s okay to set boundaries for when your child can and can not work. You are their parents. This includes how many hours, how many days, and when they will finish up work.

More to come in how your teen and their supervisor can create a professional relationship for the summer!

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